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Camera Survey, Borehole & Remediation

Camera Survey, Borehole & Remediation Merseyside

SGG Environmental Services provide CCTV surveys for any site upon request. We are proud to be able to perform these tasks as it allows us greater access and a deeper understanding of situations on sites.

We use a highly technological camera unit, the SPX P340 Flexi Probe System, to carry out these procedures in the safest and most efficient way.

We combine this camera system with a piece of equipment called a Sonde, which allows us to digitally map out any area it passes through. This is an incredibly useful tool for identifying underground problems, such as collapsed or ruptured pipework, as it takes images from every angle to provide the clearest, most informative picture possible.

This can be tailored the meet the individual requirements of the client. This service can contain any of the various components listed below.

  • Survey with client observing.
  • Survey footage presented to the client on DVD or USB.
  • Typed report of survey, observations and data depths, etc.
  • Suggestions for possible remediation options, where required.

Camera Survey, Borehole & Remediation

Borehole Cleaning

We also offer a cleaning service to remove waste where it is encountered. In the majority of cases, this can be carried out by our staff. We can arrange for/or work alongside other specialist contractors.

Borehole Remediation

We provide borehole remediation services where possible. These include the installation of liners and general repairs. Borehole cleaning can usually be carried out by our own staff, however, if necessary, we can arrange for any other contractors that may be required.