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Pumps & Parts

Pumps & Parts Merseyside

SGG endeavour to service pumps manufactured by the majority of companies supplying pneumatic pumps. We service pumps for most of the UK’s leading landfill site operators and other associated environmental companies.

A brief outline of some of the services offered to our clients are listed below. As with our other services, these components can be tailored to meet the need of each individual client.

  • Postal service and return.
  • Site pickup, service and return.
  • Removal for service and re-installation at a later date (this service is limited as it is not normally cost effective).
  • Like for like service exchange.
  • Tailored service exchange schemes (these are usually bi-annual).
Pumps & Parts Merseyside
Pump Strainer

SGG supplies our clients with various types of new pumps; these range from our own brand to those that are supplied by other specialist manufactures. We can also supply components for the majority of the most popular pneumatic pumps. All these components are supplied by the pump manufacturer or an ISO registered supplier.

We also supply counters and regulators individually, as well as a full package which includes pump kits, both Air and Leachate.

We have a wide range of pneumatic pumps which we assemble, test and deliver to sites all across the country. Collection of installed pumps which are malfunctioning, and maintaining them, is another service on offer at SGG. We will test them rigorously in our workshop to make sure they are performing correctly, before sending them back out into the field.

Our workshop has highly qualified, vastly experienced service engineers, who are specialists with the majority of pneumatic pumps that are in the market.

Pneumatic Pulse Counter