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Sites & Systems

Sites & Systems, System Installations, System Maintenance & Monitoring Merseyside

At SGG Environmental Solutions Ltd., we provide a wide range of services for the management of the leachate infrastructure.

As every landfill site is different, and clients have differing management systems in place, we tailor a service package for each individual need. The basic components of these services are outlined below.

System Assessment & Remediation

We can visit a site to assess the installed infrastructure. Advice can be given directly or a report will be prepared, outlining any potential issues.

We offer a range of system remediation services; these range from minor repair to full system overhauls. Some of our clients upgrade their systems over a period of time whilst our servicing works are taking place. This can prove to be very cost effective.

System Installation

SGG provides a full range of systems installation services. We work to the design specified by clients or we can design a system for you. These services include the supply of compressors, electrical controls and all required pipework and fittings.

System Maintenance & Monitoring

We provide a leachate monitoring service, and will check the levels of liquid in wells and inspect installed infrastructure on a regular basis. We also provide tailored systems maintenance services covering various components of the leachate infrastructure which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • General repairs to leachate and airline components
  • Cleaning of flow metres and bubble diffusers
  • Jetting and clearing scale from the pipework
  • General repairs to wellhead fittings
  • Replacement of failed or missing gaskets